Friday, July 1, 2011

My Sandwich

Today was a long work day. I had to cover for another one of my coworkers, but that wasn't the long part. The long part was that I had to wait until almost two to get lunch...

Let me explain why this sucked. I had breakfast around 7am and I was running late so I forgot to grab my grapes and crackers to snack on. I head into work and I'm feeling fine. But I forgot that I get ferociously hungry close to lunchtime. I thought to myself, No big deal. I only have to cover until 12:30pm and then, I will go to lunch.

Now, on Fridays, we have a meeting about our patients. (In case I forgot to mention this, I work at a cancer treatment center as the insurance specialist. Today, I was covering for our front desk since she took some time off for an extended weekend.) Last week's meeting went relatively quick so I thought now, It'll be over quick anyway. Our doctor comes in and gives all her information she normally does and finishes just before 1pm. I get my pen and paper together and I'm about to stand to walk out and the doctor on the other side comes in. Sigh (at our facility, we do radiation oncology. We have a medical oncologist [chemo] come in 3 days a week). I think to myself, I remember them saying he doesn't like to take long. Last week, he only took 20 minutes or so. This will be okay.

As you can probably tell, I got out around almost 2pm. A couple of the people had Subway which I was now wanting badly! I clocked out and made my way to the closest Subway. And I order like it's my last meal. Footlong chicken and bacon on Italian herbs and cheese bread with provolone cheese. Do I want it toasted? Heck yes. I load that sucker up with honey mustard and... well, a lot of veggies. Made it a combo!

By now, my stomach is churning and I know that if I don't get that sandwich in my belly, we will have a repeat episode of Wednesday. I pay for my lunch and hurry back to my break room.

I stare at this beautiful sandwich. Let's stop for a minute - do you know the sign of a perfect sandwich? If you are eating a perfect sandwich, when you bite, that slightest bit of juice will just go down your arm. No juice = lame sandwich. Anyway, I take a look at this sandwich. I take the first half and take the biggest bite I can. Honey mustard just goes down my arm.

I devour that first half in record timing. But now, the downside I have had of being pregnant - small meals are my specialty. I realize at that very sad moment that I will have to finish the rest later since I can't fit it in now. I reluctantly put away the other half of the sandwich and go back to work.

Cut to 5:00pm - I get all of my stuff together and get in the car just as Eric calls me. I tell him that I left him lunch money in our savings account and start to tell him about my sandwich. I tell him I saved the other half and I stop. I look next to me in my car... no sandwich :( Hurriedly I say to Eric, "I have to go, I left my sandwich at work!"

I haul through the Fry's parking lot to get back to work. I pull up and the last person with keys is leaving. I explain that I forgot my sandwich and she sighs and comes back with me to unlock the door so I can get my sandwich.

And I got it.

Now, excuse me, I must devour this beautiful creation.

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