Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Banana Baby - Boy or Girl

So, we naturally got to the ultrasound early. Sat down in our chairs together and waited. Susan and I were beyond ourselves with excitement just to find out. Eric wasn't as outwardly excited but he normally keeps it cool.

The technician called us in and the three of us filed into the room and I hopped up on the table. This began a 45-minute or so ultrasound. I had ultrasound gel above my bellybutton even. They measured everything - head, heart, veins in the heart, bones, and then he asked the question -

"Do you want to know the sex?"

YES! That's what we came for, isn't it???

So... the technician looked and re-looked several times. The technician told us that he's pretty sure since he checked 10 times and....

It looks like Eric's buying a shotgun to protect his little girl :)

And this is how I know, once again, Pastor Al is always right.

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