Monday, July 11, 2011

A boy or girl? And other thoughts...

Eric and I were having a conversation about the baby over the weekend. Realistically, it was a long, drawn out conversation that stopped and re-started over the whole weekend. But yesterday, we just got to talk.

Eric told me that he's fine with whichever comes first and I explained to him the benefits of both. He told me that he thinks that when we have a boy, he'll be just like me and be his mother's son; when we have a girl, she'll have his warped sense of humor and be a daddy's girl. We were talking about what hair color and eye color the kids might have (brown hair and green eyes on either being my favorite; auburn hair and blue or green eyes being Eric's), what we'll teach them, all kinds of things.

I told Eric about the peace that God's been giving me lately. I know that right now, everything is up in the air - job situations, finances, a new home, all kinds of things. But in spite of that, I'm coming to realize the miracle that is happening. Five months from today, I will hold my little boy or girl and all those things we've thought about won't really matter. I'm slowly falling in love with this little person that is no bigger than my hand. I read a book to the baby on Saturday. I've starting talking to him/her and I hope this baby can hear me.

At least we agree on two things without debate -
If it's a girl, she's not getting her ears pierced until she's old enough to ask and give me 3 good reasons why.
If it's a boy, he's getting circumsized.

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