Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Bidding Pool Begins

So, Saturday will mark the end of my 20th week. I can't believe it's nearly half over! I still feel like I just found out yesterday but then yesterday seems like forever away. I've known since April Fools' Day. How weird. But, I guess with anything, the halfway mark brings on new things. Like the bidding pool lol.

Just to clear everything up, my current due date is December 11th. The original date was December 16th on my first ultrasound when they could only see the gestational sac. Then, they did another one about 2 weeks later to confirm the baby is in there and they moved it to December 12th. On my last ultrasound (7 weeks ago), they bumped it up another day because the baby measured a cm longer or something. I don't think it's what I've been eating because since my first doctor's appointment, I haven't gained any weight - just have lost 5lbs.

I've gotten some guesses but no real high stakes until recently. Here are the guesses:
December 11th - Me.
December 12th - Van and my mother-in-law (I think).
December 13th -
December 14th -
December 15th - My mom (the day I was due to be born).
December 16th - Eric.
December 17th -
December 18th - Josh (brother-in-law) (This is my birthday.)

Van said that if he is right, I have to name my baby after him and if it's a girl, the name must be Vanessa.

No money on the table, but we'll see. They say that first-time mom normally is late, but then I've read that if you're overweight, you're more likely to go into labor early. But no one seems to think I'll be lucky enough for an early labor. Any thoughts? Bids?

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