Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I realize that I should never brag about what hasn't happened to me.

During my entire pregnancy, my symptoms have been blessedly mild. Tired? A little. Fatigued? Kinda. Morning sickness? Nausea, but no vomiting.

Let me explain something about me and vomiting - it just doesn't happen. The last time I threw up was December of 2006. I will get nauseous, sick to my stomach. But I never throw up. I can't even MAKE myself throw up.

But it seems that God's sense of humor is over-ruling what I will and will not do....

I was enjoying lunch with my husband and -- wait, no. I was thirsty and arguing with my husband about where to go for lunch. That's more accurate. Anyway, we picked up food and I got a Fanta, a water and a baked potato. For breakfast, I'd had those tater tots from Burger King and OJ. We park at.. well, the park. Sit for a little bit. I started to feel sick. I take some water down. Take a couple sips of Fanta. I start to burp about every five seconds. Eric is eating his burger and fries and I'm just not able to stand the smell of his food and I'm thinking, I need to bring my lunch from now on. In about 5-7 seconds of warning time, I turn to Eric and say, "I think I'm going to throw up." I got out of the car and made a B-line to the closest trash can and no sooner than I reached it, I threw up. I threw up four times.

I look over to ask Eric for a napkin and he is looking at me completely horrified. "Can you give me a napkin?" I yell. He comes over with a single napkin. I go back and sit down.

There you go. I've officially thrown up. Thanks a lot, kid.

No, to be fair, it's my own fault. No more tots for me!
Hi there, Peanut.

That's been your name for a few months now. It was suggested that, due to the ultrasound I had at 13 weeks, your name should be Magneto or Wolverina. But we have been calling you Peanut from the start.

Let's see, what should you know about yourself? Well, you have currently made me your home for 16 weeks and 3 days. I think people are going to start to notice you soon. Your Aunt Susan is so excited. She keeps wanting to know when I'll start showing so she can see you. I know everyone wants to feel you move but since about a week and a half ago, you've been giving me little "butterflies" and letting me know that you are in there, safe and sound. You're starting to look more like a baby, I read. According to, you are probably about 4 1/2 inches long (you were about 3 inches 3 weeks ago - GOOD JOB!) and weight about 3 1/2 ounces.

I also read that your hearing is developing this week so you can here me and Daddy. Just remember - I will always be your favorite because you have known me longer!

Your grandma Karen (I don't know what you'll call her when you get here but she's my mom - you'll love her!!) is convinced you're a girl. Your grandma Debbie (she's your Daddy's mom) says you're a boy. Your daddy says he thinks you're a boy. I dreamt that you were a girl during my whole first trimester. All I know is there's only one of you in there and you will be human. I'm leaning towards girl but I don't want you to feel all this pressure from us so just be who you are and I will love you for it.
(*Please just promise me something - if you're a girl, please help soften your daddy. If you're a boy, don't pee on me. *)

What else should you know? Oh, right now, me and your daddy don't know what we're doing work-wise. I want (more than anything) to stay home with you. When your daddy asked me how we're going to do this financially last night, I told him that I am sure you can live on breastmilk and loving gazes from me. :)

We are seeing the doctor after the 4th of July and then, they'll probably prescribe the ultrasound where I will find out for sure. I'm going to play with all of those gender predictor tests and see what they say before then.

All I know for sure is that you are coming into this world with some weird parents. I hope that five months is enough time to get ready!

Love you,