Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our First Trip To The Park

We took an outing to the park today!

At first, Emily just kind of moseyed around, checking out the dirt and grass and trying to feel it. She kept giving me handfuls of dirt. Then, she spotted a 10-month old and her mother. She kept waving and made her way over to them.

Totally friendly, Trina (mom) and Haylie (baby). I chatted with her about the girls and our spouses and friends. We talked about the nursery at my church and I ended up inviting her this Sunday. Her husband was there with their dachshund and Emily took it upon herself to chase the dog, and then take turns sitting in Trina and her husband's laps. She kept squatting down to wave to Haylie.

When Emily started to eat dirt, I decided it was time to go. When I was getting in the car, Trina asked me if I had my car seat installed by the fire department. I said I had before Emily was born. Turns out, she was the woman who installed Emily's car seat! We exchanged numbers and I made my first mommy-friend!!

Then, we went to Walgreens and she somehow lost a shoe which we never found. I guess we have to get new shoes for her!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Speeding by

A lot can change in a month.

We filed as soon at we got everything and received a beautiful $5k. With this money, we paid off debt and....

This move was way more difficult than necessary. First of all, the apartment was not properly cleaned and I am still fighting with the apartment for a credit for that. They were late getting everything repaired. I had to reschedule utilities. To make things worse...

She threw up the first time on Saturday and has thrown up 1-2 times a day since then. The worrse one was when she threw up in the car on moving day (Sunday). Today, she has not thrown up but she is on a pretty bland diet right now. I called Dr. Smith's office and the nurse gave me some diet instructions and said, if she is still throwing up by Monday, bring her in.

Overall, though, I am glad we are now in Sierrra Vista because we have already seen Katie and Jonny, my parents, and Susan at our apartment. Even with Emily sick.