Wednesday, July 6, 2011

OBGYN Appointment and Family

Well, this little kid is shy so I don't know if he or she is mine! :) Seems Peanut likes to hide from the Doppler which is fine because I would never go to investigate if someone was moving my stuff around. I wait till that's gone. I guess this child is mine :)

My car isn't working and so my awesome mom took me to my appointment. I'm really glad she's there for me - I think it's exciting because this is her first grandbaby but more than that, I get to share my experience of having our child with the person who had me. How amazing is that? She's always been a great mom to me so I can only imagine how amazing she'll be as a grandma. But if you have ever met or seen my mom, she doesn't look like a grandma. She still gets carded and no one thinks she looks old enough to have a married daughter with a baby on the way. I'm really hoping to keep those genes and to pass them on.

Anyway, my appointment! We went in and got my blood pressure. Told her about the pain I'd felt which the doctor said is normal (I love hearing that). She used the Doppler to check the heartbeat and it kind of hurt because she had to press down so much to get close to the baby. She asked me if I wanted to do this blood test for Down Syndrome. I got the order but I haven't decided if I'll take the test. She said it's optional. My mom made a good point and asked if I would do anything different if I found out that the baby did have Down Syndrome. I don't think I would but at the same time, I don't think I have to worry about that. I have the order but I haven't decided if I'll do it.

Also, I got the order for the ultrasound to find out if our Peanut is a girl or a boy. My doctor said that we need to wait about 2 more weeks (so I'll be @ 20 weeks at least) so that we can see. I'm really excited about that ultrasound for more than one reason. First, the obvious reason is that I get to find out if I'm a little boy's or little girl's mommy. Secondly, my youngest sister Susan is going to be at that one and this will be the first real and visible thing I get to share with her. She's been asking since day 1 when I will show and when she can feel the baby move and I love how much she wants to participate because I think the baby will have a great relationship with her. I'm kind of hoping it's the same as when Susan was a baby and I would come in and she would be okay - I hope Susan gets to have that kind of peace and closeness with the baby. But this will make her the 3rd person (other than the ultrasound tech and myself) to actually witness the baby on screen and moving and right there!!

Then again, Melanie's (my middle sister) first view of the baby may be in the delivery room and I can't wait for that. I hope she isn't nervous. Because that girl is holding this baby! I have a feeling that Melanie is going to have a totally different relationship with the baby than anyone else. I don't really know how much she is.

I'm really blessed to have such an involved family. I probably should tell you about my dad soon because trust me - he is a BLAST! And it's a good thing too because I can't recall one story about Eric fishing once and my dad is the king of it. My child needs to know these things!

Peanut - I'll probably do a blog on my family and Daddy's family so you know what you're in for. Kind of. Don't worry - you will be okay. It's just Mommy that will be frazzled.

Thanks for reading, guys.

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