Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dear Peanut

Dear Peanut,

You will be very excited to know that this is a very good school year to be born. You'll be in class with a lot of Mommy's friends' kids and I hope you get to know all of them and possibly even continue this tradition of friendship.

You'll probably sit next to the Lindsey's kid if you're in alphabetical order. You'll probably know the Rocco kid. Who knows who else is going to join you? I hope you'll have some friends from the other youth leaders I work with since they're pretty awesome. You'll have plenty of friend's that Mommy and Daddy already know.

Now, I want you to know something - it's okay if you don't agree with them. You might not always get along and we might not always get along with their parents. Mommy and Daddy don't always make the same decisions as their mommies and daddies do about finances, discipline, "grounding" (you won't want this, but you will probably have it at some point), sharing, and other things. But we won't confuse you.

I wonder what your favorite things will be. Favorite toy, food, color, parent (that's me, in case you haven't made your decision yet), etc. I wonder if you'll be scared of the rain and thunderstorms or if you'll watch the light show with us. I wonder if you will be a picky eater like Mommy or a human garbage disposal like Daddy. I wonder if you'll enjoy being read to at bedtime or if you'll want to talk instead. I wonder if you'll be outgoing or introverted. I wonder if you will be a perfectionist. I wonder if you'll have dreams of being in the country, in the mountains, at the ocean, or if you'll want to stay here. I wonder if you'll be a doctor, a lawyer, a missionary, or an artist. I wonder who you will be closest to between Aunt Melanie or Aunt Susan.

I used to wonder if you'll be a boy or girl but honestly, all hopes aside, I'm just glad you're on your way. I hope I keep that attitude when I go into labor. I hope I keep that attitude when I find out if you're a boy or girl. I know that Daddy still thinks you're a boy. I want one of each but I don't know how I'll feel when I know. When I found out you were coming, I was scared and excited and freaking out and I want you to know that those are all good things.

I wonder if you know that I already love you.

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