Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Today is the BIG ULTRASOUND day!!!

So, my appointment is in two hours and I can't stop moving. As my friend Alexis put it, I'm going to start "the comedic pacing" soon. I'll be seeing the baby with Susan and Eric. I was told that we'll have about 2-3 different pictures printed out, as long as their clear.

Peanut aka the Banana Baby (that's a whole different blog), please be still enough for us to see if you're a boy or girl. I understand how upset you must be with everyone trying to see you in your room but if you cooperate, it won't take long. Mommy and Daddy and Aunt Susan are really excited to see you and really want to spoil you with clothes and nursery things and swings. But, in order to make everything ready for you, we need to know if we should buy girl or boy things. And if you behave, we will have something tasty and/or healthy (Mommy's choice) together today. Also, it would be nice for Aunt Susan to see you in action, so you only really have to be still for the part when we see if you're a boy or girl. Move like crazy for everything but pictures! :)

Overall, I am just excited to know. I don't care what the Old Wives' tales say, or the Chinese calendar. This is only a determination that can be selected by God. I just hope this is one of those times when God gives me an answer today and not later. ;)

Any last votes - boy or girl??

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