Friday, July 29, 2011

Name Ideas of the Day

I just realized that I haven't done our last name, a very important factor in this child's name.

Etymology of Morlock:
  • German (Baden and Württemberg): nickname for someone with black hair, from Middle High German mōr ‘Moor’ + Early New High German locke ‘lock (of hair)’.
Now, on to first names:

Etymology of Lila:
  • Derived from the Arabic name "Leila"  The name is derived from the tri-consonantal root: L-Y-L means "Night" and over time has come to mean "Born at Night," "Dark-haired Beauty" or "Dark Beauty." (I guess we can't name her this if she's blond)
Etymology of Lilly:
  • The name in English comes from the flower called lily, a symbol of purity. The Latin origin "Lilium" for the flower.
  • Interesting Krystle fact: my youngest sister, Susan, has "lily" as the translation of her name.
Let me know if anyone has ideas! We're liking really feminine names, apparently.

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