Friday, July 29, 2011

One of the Girls?

On Wednesday night, I think Eric came to terms with the fact that he'll have a daughter. I know how much he wants a son and I know we'll have one but I'm so happy that we're having our girl first.

He was telling me that he doesn't know what he'll have in common with her, that he doesn't know what girls like. I told him that he'll always know what she likes because he'll always know her. I told him that just because she's a girl doesn't mean that she won't have a variety of interests. She may be the princess who loves tea parties and dress-up and light-up shoes. She may take after her daddy and fall in love with football and baseball (and I don't know how I'll survive). The important thing, I told him, is to expose her to plenty of different interests to give her the chance to decide and not try to get her to conform to what the world thinks she should like.

He started tossing around names and has been since then. Last night, we liked a few.

Lily (unless it comes from Lilith).

And a couple of others. Must research :)

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