Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's my birthday!

I'm old today. Yep. I've now been alive for 24 years. That's almost a quarter of a century.

For the record, Emily's still being shy and so I'm still pregnant. My mom said that I'm trying to copy her by being 24 and trying to have Emily on December 18th. I don't think she'll be born today though. I think I've had a hunch the whole time that she won't be born on my birthday. Tomorrow? Maybe. But not today.

I think I did have my first real contraction this morning but now, I need to see if they're consistent. I think I've been making progress on the Braxton Hicks - On Friday, I was having them every 6 hours; now, it's every 4. Today was the first time the intensity increased. I'm hoping that means I'll have one that is stronger or similar by around 1:15pm.

Eric has been working like crazy and called in this morning because I think his immune system just said, "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! GIVE ME REAL FOOD AND WATER! TROOPS - REBEL!!" So he's feeling all crappy. He's finally asleep now, which is the longest he has slept since 5:00am. I was going to cancel having my family over for my birthday dinner but after talking with my mom, they are going to come over and we'll have cake and ice cream and Eric is hoping he feels a little better before. If not, he's going to rest upstairs.

The only reason I decided to go ahead and do this with my family is because, if I don't do it today, I don't think it will happen. Tomorrow, I have a doctor's appointment. Tuesday, I'll probably be induced (unless she comes on her own). Then, by the end of the day Tuesday, I'll have her, stay at the hospital for a day or two, come home, recuperate, and have Christmas. If I don't do something today, my birthday will probably be passed by and I know it's childish and immature but I want my birthday to matter still. Especially today.

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