Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy birthday? Or not...

I don't think Emily knows that it's supposed to be her birthday today.

Just so everyone is updated, I'm having (what I think are) mild contractions but they are not regular or consistent yet so I'm still home. I really hope to get this show on the road soon. It's not that I'm sick of being pregnant - I LOVE BEING PREGNANT! - but I am ready to meet my little girl.

It's the perfect day today - my house is being filled with the smell of laundry detergent, it's raining, and I started my day with an apple :)

Unfortunately, there are not-so-perfect happenings, like Eric's work schedule. He got home around 6:45am and told me that he has to be back at work by 3pm. It sucks because today, tomorrow, and Wednesday are supposed to be his days off. I just want a day home with him alone before Emily is here -  I know I'll miss our lazy days when Emily is here. We'll find a way to have them, though. Emily will just become part of the tradition! We got a couple hours of just-us time yesterday, curled up on the couch and watching SNL and The Office.

Luckily, his scheduled should be Monday - Friday soon. I'm looking forward to that and I'm sure he is too. I'm hoping that starts within this next week since my birthday is Sunday and so far, we are waiting to see when Emily is born to determine when we can do something. If she's born before my birthday, we'll probably have my parents over for dinner on Saturday or Sunday. I was going to suggest going out for dinner but I don't think I could leave Emily so quickly. I could teach him how to make tortellini or ask my mom to teach him :) If I'm still pregnant on my birthday (which means I would be induced the next day), I would probably rather sleep. But we could celebrate in the middle of the week or something with my parents and enjoy it together alone on Sunday or Saturday. I just wouldn't want to eat anything heavy right before she gets here and this girl needs birthday cake! Should I make it simple and ask for cupcakes? :) Or breakfast for dinner? Like pancakes?

There's so much happening for the next few weeks - Emily will be born. I'll turn 24. Christmas will happen. My mom's birthday will follow on January 2nd. These next few weeks will be crazy, but I'm so thrilled for all of it.

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