Thursday, December 15, 2011

As Fast as She Can

Yep, still pregnant.

I'm trying to see the bright side to all of this and it's coming easier than I thought:

- I get to spend more time being able to have Emily as a part of me. I won't get this opportunity ever again with her and until she comes out, I get to value the kicks and stretches and rolls that are her body in mine.
- I don't have to go through labor pains yet. I currently have the luxury of being in no pain right now. Can't beat that!
- I have been home for my Christmas presents. I haven't missed any deliveries and all of my Christmas shopping is already complete! 9 days earlier than normal!
- Most of all, I have been able to sleep. I know I won't get a lot of this for much longer, but I was able to sleep until 11am, with a few interruptions of bathroom trips, last morning. I passed out at 10:30am. I know I can't really get used to it but I choose to see it as a blessing that I've had 12 hours of sleep for the last couple nights.

I've been keeping myself busy. I had a few big Braxton Hicks contractions today but they were about 6 hours apart. Which means my next one is at least an hour away :) Either way, I know she will be here soon. My mom is convinced that we're going to the hospital tonight but that's up to God and I'm not worried right now.

I've been putting off plans and doing ANYTHING because I'm so convinced that I will be in labor any second (which I guess realistically is true). I can't keep doing that. No matter what happens, at the very latest, I'll meet her by Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. So I'm watching a movie like I'll get to finish it. I'm planning to have a friend over tomorrow night like I won't be at the hospital. And I'm relaxing like I will get to go to sleep another 8-12 hours.

I won't keep trying to rush her out - I know she's coming as fast as she can.

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