Monday, December 5, 2011

Almost there!

39 weeks. I have been pregnant for 39 weeks. I'm a little shocked that the time has passed so quickly for me. I think I knew it was going by, but I didn't stop to think about the timeframe. If she's on time, this means I will hold my daughter in a week.

I have had a very up-and-down nesting thing going on. I've been told it's pretty typical for it to be like that but come on! I got up on Saturday morning and kind of lounged for a little while with my cereal. Then, I went upstairs and suddenly because a power-cleaner/unpacker! For a good 2-3 hours! Then, lull in cleaning. Then another crazy 2 hours! On the upside, the upstairs is now totally unpacked. All that I need to finish Emily's nursery is to vacuum (which Eric said he'll do) and put in my glider rocking chair (which arrives from Amazon by Thursday). I put those plastic safety covers on all of the outlets in her room and Eric reminded me that she can't really mess with those yet. I told him that she might if she's an overachiever! I'll probably go ahead and sanitize all the pacifiers and stuff this week, since my last day of work is tomorrow.

Yep, my last day is tomorrow. It's kind of bittersweet but I'm thrilled I get to stay home with Emily. I know I will never get another chance for those moments and I don't want to miss it!

I've been baking (hello, nesting!) for my coworkers this week since I won't be here for the holidays. No complaints so far! :) Tomorrow is my last chance so I'm picking the favorite - CHEESECAKE SQUARES!

Wow, I should nap right now. This is too much energy for a Monday.

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  1. you are just the sweetest lady i love reading your blogs you are going to make a terrific mum for emily and any other children that you and eric have. i hope she either comes early or on time for you. sebs mum