Monday, December 12, 2011

Dear Emily

Dear Emily,

Today was supposed to be your due date but we're 24 minutes away from midnight so I don't think you're coming tonight. My family all bet on your due date and no one bet on December 14th so you will probably come that day. That's okay - I will just take it to mean that you really enjoy spending time with me all of the time. Keep this in mind - I'm a lot prettier on the outside and we can do way more fun stuff when you get here, rather than if you just try to stay in there forever. It's a little colder out here but everyone has bought you so many clothes that you won't have to worry about that either.

I really want to meet you. I wonder what color your eyes will be, if you'll have hair, how long your fingernails are. I wonder what your daddy will say when he sees you. If he cries, he's not sad or mad - he's just overwhelmed. If I cry, it's probably from being overwhelmed with emotion and exhaustion. I definitely want to spend time with you but I don't know how much energy it will take to get you here so I'm sorry if I sleep a lot. I'll try to sleep when you do because I don't want to spend a lot of time away from you right now.

Do you know how excited everyone is that you are almost here? Everyone wants to hold you and kiss you and see you. I'll promise you right now - you will never run out of love to receive because I know that when I meet you, I won't be able to ever stop loving you.

Right now, you don't have any brothers or sisters but you might in a few years. Right now, I want to enjoy the time that it's just you, me, and Daddy. When we do have some siblings for you, just remember - we loved you first :)

Your grandma (my mom) is very excited to meet you. She said you can call her whatever you want (or can pronounce) but I think she's going to teach you to call her "My Favorite." It's hard to pronouce but she's going to work with you on that. Just remember - I'm your mommy and even if Grandma/My Favorite lets you color on the walls, you don't get to at home. Unless we buy washable crayons and Daddy doesn't catch us.

Another thing - I know it's going to be frustrating for both of us before you learn to talk but if I can be patient with you, I hope you can be patient with me. I know that you don't really have a concept of patience yet but I'm hoping we can find a way to communicate.

Overall, I can't wait to meet you. Even as I'm typing this, you're kicking and jabbing. You're going to be such a strong, smart, beautiful girl and no matter how long it takes you to get here, I'm just glad you're on your way.

My friend Carmen said that God is never too early or too late; He's always on time. I know He knos when you will be here and I guess that is all I know. Hopefully, He sent you a memo because it would be awful if you were late to your first event ever. I sent you an eviction notice but I guess my date wasn't the same as His.

Either way, I love you. I can't wait to hold you. Please get some sleep before the big day - I know I am.

Love you,

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