Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What a week!

This past week has been very busy for me.

For starters, I've been packing our house. We're moving and Eric's on overnights without a day off until this past Wednesday so I did it all on my own. Man, that was a lot, especially considering I have less than 7 weeks to go now! I didn't do any heavy lifting on my own except one box and that was only because I was running out of room.

Thursday was my last birthing class. I hope I learned enough to calm my child. Or maybe she will be calm either way. I pray that I am that lucky :)

On Friday, I had my doctor's appointment. He said I "looked a little small" (which I've never been told in my life so I was not arguing!) but everything measured right and everything looked perfect to him! That was great to hear, especially after my last appointment. My next appointment won't be for 2 more weeks.

On Friday night, we had our 5-year anniversary for the office. I got a cute, black dress that I can wear again after Emily is born. It was fun but I was on my feet the whole time so I only stayed until about 6:30pm (started about 5pm).

Saturday was my AMAZING baby shower. I had such a good time, all thanks to my mom and Susan. They made some amazing food and everyone just gave me so many things from my registry. One of my coworkers even got the car seat I registered for, which I definitely did not expect - I only put it on there to get the discount later! Everyone was so great and I had a great time and having the party makes me miss my mom's parties :) After the shower, I met up with Stephanie for dinner and we didn't leave the restaurant until almost 10pm. When I finally got home, I packed until probably midnight.

On Sunday, we visited Eric's parents since they are moving to Virginia. They left early yesterday morning. They are such a huge blessing to us, even more so since they are letting us live in their house rent-free (we only have to pay utilities) and they left it almost fully furnished! When I got home, it was about 7pm and I got right back to packing. I stopped for a little bit at 10pm but I coudn't stand that it wasn't done so I finished (I thought) at 12:30am and went to bed.

Yesterday was Eric's first day off without commitments so we decided just to relax. I fell asleep on the couch twice (8:30pm, woke up at 10pm, fell back asleep at 10:30pm, woke up again at 1:30am) and when I woke up, I put away laundry and tried to get some stuff done but Eric sent me to bed. I woke up again at around 4am feeling horribly sore and my back and the front of my belly hurt. Took two Tylenol, some water, switched positions a few times and was able to fall back asleep in about 30 minutes.

I can't believe that I have just a few days more than 6 weeks to go. I think at this point, I'm not really scared or worried. I just want to have her here with me.

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