Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Christmas for Emily is coming!

I think that I'm finally getting the mindset like I feel I should have to be a mom of a little one: wanting to do what's best for my daughter, avoiding planning things without knowing her schedule, starting to feel more protective. But then, I had a realization - I get to start Christmas shopping for her!

I know that she'll just be an infant and not doing a whole lot other than eating, pooping, and sleeping for the first few weeks (okay, a month or two) but I want to get her things to entertain her. I've found toys for newborn, 3 months and up, 6 months and up, and 9 months and up. There's a few of each and I started to recall how my baby picture at one week old was me in the middle of all of these Christmas gifts.

The thought just came to mind:

How will she open them?

I mean, I could open them for her but it kind of defeats the purpose of wrapping them. I could just put bows on them but that's stupid. I almost feel bad to open them for her! Those are HERS!

How did all of you do your baby's first Christmas or how are you planning to? Comment on here or send me a message.

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  1. Alena was born in January and we still didn't buy her gifts for her first x-mas. Bad, I know but she wont remember and we were moving three days after. I wouldn't even worry about it. Christian was born in September and didn't receive gifts that year.