Monday, October 10, 2011

Still a girl!

So Emily refused to face the camera so we ended up with a side-view. That shouldn't really surprise me considering that I never take a picture head-on :)

Everything on the ultrasound that the technician could tell me without giving actual results is normal. She's still head-down, her heartbeat is normal. I was watching when the sizes were automatically generating the weeks and such but I think everything came out to between 31 and 32 weeks. "Large for date," yeah right. I'm sure everything will be perfect and I've just gotta be smart about what I'm eating now.

I'm probably going to do my glucose test on Friday. I'm putting my faith in God and going to do what I can on my part to ensure that gestational diabetes continues to be a non-issue.

Oh, and she's still a girl.

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