Saturday, October 8, 2011

Getting bigger is no bueno!

I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and my doctor had some concerns.

First of all, my 1-hour glucose came back high (again) @ 189 so I have to take the 3-hour test again. I'm believing in my faithful God. However, I'm also remembering that this is just another reminder that what I take in, so does Emily. For the rest of my pregnancy, I'm going to be very limited in my "treat" intake. I'm now seeing the doctor every 2 weeks so I have to get it done soon. I'll probably get it on Friday next week.

He said that I gained too much weight since my last appointment (10lbs). Which is a little bit unfair because he said I could gain a pound a week and I gained 1 extra and he was really concerned about it. He measured me and said I'm measuring "large for date" (no kidding, I started out large!) and so I have to have another ultrasound. I thought I was fine for being SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT but he said that I realistically can't gain more than 8 more pounds during my pregnancy and I have 9 weeks to go. I'm fine with having another ultrasound - she'll actually look like a baby now!!

My doctor thinks that all of those factors may be gestational diabetes  BUT my God is bigger, better, and more powerful than those test results. I was so excited about God taking care of us so I can't let a paper with a number on it change that. I have to keep my faith.

Her heartbeat was a nice, solid 141 bpm. She's a healthy kid, but I know she won't be skinny. I've looked in the mirror before! lol

Oh, and we learned about breastfeeding in our birthing class this past Thursday - positioning, holding, etc. Eric was there and I was happy about that. However, I will eternally be scarred by the video of how far your breasts really go during breastfeeding. lol.

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