Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Motherhood

When Eric and I were engaged, I theorized (and was proven right) that being married is a club. When you get married (or even just engaged), all your married friends seem to want to hang out more and setup dates and have evenings together and you slowly migrate towards your married friends and away from single friends.

I think the same is true of becoming a parent, but modified. More specifically, becoming a mom. When you become a mom, your priorities typically change. All of your mommy-friends want to setup playdates with their kids and I haven't met a mommy-friend that doesn't love holding a new baby. Like the Married Club, you lean towards your parent-friends because they get it. They understand that you can't stay out late because your little one needs to sleep. They don't care if you need to breastfeed in the middle of the living room. They empathize when you excuse yourself to your closet to find a shirt you didn't leak through (sorry if that's graphic lol). And most moms are going to read that last statement and think of at least one time that's happened. They understand the sacrifices you make, no matter how small.

I've found myself putting Emily before me in so many more ways than I anticipated. Today,

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