Monday, February 27, 2012

Busy and Rested

It's been a busy week for my little two-month old!

On Wednesday, she had her 2-month Well Baby check-up which went great! She is now 11lbs, 2oz. I had a bunch of questions about continuing weight gain and sleeping. The doctor said that we are no longer concerned about her gaining and to just let her sleep however long she wants and she will get up when hungry :) That being said, she slept around 7-8 hours the last three nights! However, she did have her shots this month and I saw my poor baby's first tears :(

On Thursday, we went to the hospital to visit the newest member of my friend Christina's household :) Emily had to stay outside of the OB unit, but she got some face time with her buddy Vivienne :) Afterward, she went with us to visit my parents' new house.

On Friday, my sister Susan came for the day. I was really glad she came by - it's the first time in a VERY long time that we spent the day together. Emily was giving up smiles to her left and right. Plus, Susan made a Build-A-Bear dog for her in a gorgeous princess outfit AND bought her a necklace with wording on the pendant. I can't get over how much Susan loves Emily - she has learned something new about taking care of Emily every time and she is great with talking to her and she is so gentle with her. :) Anyway, we had tacos for dinner and watched a movie together too!

Then, on Saturday, we relaxed the whole day. We didn't go anywhere, do anything, visit anyone. It was great :)

Church was Sunday and she did well. We got a visit from Ashley and Andrew which was really nice, considering I hadn't seen either of them in about two months!

Emily has been doing AMAZING for the last few nights - she has slept thru the night since Thursday night for 8 hours. She woke up for about half an hour on Saturday night/Sunday morning to eat but went right back to sleep. That being said, I'm doing great!

I don't feel overwhelmed right now. I'm almost done cleaning the house already, I was able to actually play a game on my Wii, AND I feel relaxed :) Life is good.

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