Thursday, February 2, 2012


Many things have transpired since my last entry.

First, let me address the weight issue with Emily - I had several more weight checks and she lost weight over 3 more weight checks. By the 19th, she was 8lbs 6oz, the lowest she had been since birth at 4 weeks old. I had a pediatrician appointment and, long story short, he said we needed to admit Emily to Tucson Medical Center so we could figure out what the issue was. We went up that night and spent a week at TMC. I don't really feel like reliving that week and I also don't really want to hear everyone telling me what I should do or what I should've done. The important thing is, her weight was up almost a whole pound by the time we left and she is healthier now. She had to take some medication for an infection and she'll be done with it on Friday night.

Right now, she has to eat pretty frequently but I'm thinking that she is back to birth weight by now, if not more. I'm letting her determine how long her sleep is for a nap or two at night. I'm able to have her fed, changed, burped, and back to sleep in about an hour and a half now, which I'm very proud of . Eric's still learning but that's okay, because he has to work. This week has been great though because he was off almost all week because of his schedule change overlapping. I feel like I have a much better handle on Emily now.

She smiles all the time. She met all of her 1-month milestones like she was supposed to by the time we were admitted to TMC. She's so easy now. I'm learning her cries, her schedule... I am glad I'm keeping this blog because I read my entry from almost a month ago before I wrote this and I see where I'm at now. I think it's encouraging to me to see how much better things have gotten.

My parents have helped me so much in the last month. When I was up at TMC, they booked a hotel and stayed for over half the days I was in there. My mom has been helping me make food on Sundays so I don't have to spend so much time on cooking. The thing is, she's also trying to get her house ready to move (thankfully, not far!) and I know it's been inconvenient for her to do all these things for me, so it means the world. My relationship with my mom has gotten so much closer since Emily was born and I think it's because I have let her in. And I think the reason I let her in like this is because I feel like she's the only one that truly gets what I'm going through, because she is going through it with me. Plus, now I understand why she is so willing to give up anything for us; I would do the same for Emily in a heartbeat.

As for me, personally? I feel great. I know that, since I'm getting a handle on everything, it's about time to mess it up and add "real life" back to the agenda. I just wish that it could stay like it is - totally revolving around Emily and her peaceful little self, thanking God every morning that I am blessed with this perfect little girl and her daddy (even if her daddy is still learning).

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