Sunday, February 12, 2012

Experience is the best teacher

I love learning new things about Emily every day.

She's such an amazing girl and smart and strong! I know that everyone says their baby is the cutest and best of everything and I am no different :) She is learning to strengthen her neck, but I know she's still a little time from fully holding it up. She follows some objects when you hold them in front of her. And when I wake her up in the morning? I've never seen a prettier smile.

I feel like I've learned and noticed a lot in the last couple of months or so about her and I would like to share.

- The more she's smiled at, the more she smiles.
- She can stay up as many hours as she has just slept before getting fussy.
- She loves her stroller and her bouncer but she's still not sure about the swing.
- She can have about one to two short outings a day without it messing with her sleep schedule. Otherwise, she will stay up for a while and become over-tired. However, if she gets the right naps around these outings, it doesn't change.
- When she sneezes, she keeps her mouth open after.
- Once she gets a glimpse of red flowers, she can stay focused for a long time on those flowers.
- She's starting to like her baths.
- She loves having her hair combed or brushed.
- Even if she goes into her car seat upset, she is calm on any drive once I'm going 65mph.
- If I'm feeding her and I have to take a break to burp her, she has a "princess fit."
- She doesn't typically cry more than a combined hour over the course of the day.
- She likes to "talk" to inanimate objects in the room, but prefers objects that have eyes.

I know I've learned more but those are a few things. Gotta go - my gorgeous girl awaits!

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