Monday, August 27, 2012

Getting easier... uh oh.

She's finally able to sleep during the last four days :)

Friday night, Emily slept without interruptions from 9pm to 5am and then cuddled up with me in my room till after 6am. Saturday night, she woke up once so she slept 9pm to 6:15am, minus about 20 minutes. Then, last night, she slept 8:55pm to 4:30am, then back to sleep until 7:15am.

I even got to take a nap yesterday morning! And a bubble bath two nights ago!

Basically, things are getting better than how it's been since she started teething. Also, I've been able to finally get in a good routine of cleaning, cooking, and finances. Now that everything is better, I bet she'll change it up. :)


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