Saturday, August 25, 2012

Emily the Mischevious

This week has given me a run for my money!

I've already posted about the last couple of days and Emily's very speedy achievements. Last night, she said "Dada." :)

So, due to her progress, I realized last night that I needed to lower her crib. I'm not afraid to admit that I've been a procrastinating momma and this is actually the first time I've lowered her crib. That would definitely get me a ticket from the Mommy Police. But I lowered it last night and I realized how much more active my life is about to get with Emily's ability to be mobile.

First of all, I had to take basically everything off and out of the crib to get to the... shelf? I don't know what that thing is called... to lower the crib. During the time it took me to do this, Emily crawled into the wall twice, tried to unplug her night light, and crawled into the side of the ottomon of the rocking chair. Once I calmed her down all of those times, I was able to lower the crib. While I undid all the screws and reattached the "shelf" (until I can remember the word), she decided to explore her changing table. The bottom shelf of it has her blankets and the lesser used or bulk items. She decided to taste baby powder, throw all the blankets off, and try to get to the diapers on the middle shelf.

Once I got the mattress back in, I just let her roll around in the crib while I got the toys attached again and watched to make sure it was low enough. She could sit and kneel in the crib but she didn't try to stand. Since she couldn't quite get to the top rail (she couldn't get a grip on the side rails to bring herself high enough, I decided this is good. I called my friend Christina to ask her advice and she said that (from what I told her) it should be fine for now. Then, I got a call back from my mom that said she shouldn't even be able to reach the top rail and I should lower it another level.

Since Emily was getting anxious, I decided to look it up later and leave it for now. Especially since she was now trying to fit her chubby little arms through the side of the crib :) Guess I better secure those bumpers!


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