Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Day Of Firsts

Today, I realized how my little girl is growing up. Which I naturally never saw coming since she turned 8 months old yesterday.

She had 3 firsts today - she crawled, pulled herself up and kept herself there, and turned onto her belly while staying asleep.

I know this is weird but I'm the most excited about the last one. She has been waking herself up at night for the last month due to teething and, now that the tooth is in, she's been having a tough time going back to her regular sleep. I always sleep her on her side overnight because she won't sleep flat on her back and I normally put her on her belly for shorter naps (yes, she's a belly sleeper and she prefers it!). When she's been getting up, I've been rocking her back to sleep and letting her sleep on her belly.

I went in to check on her before bed (like always) and she had turned from side to belly without waking. I know that seems small but to me, she's soothing herself like I would at night and that's huge to me.

I may not get to sleep through the night tonight but I am glad my little girl is achieving so much and that's the most important thing.

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