Monday, June 11, 2012

Homemade baby food with the Baby Bullet

I have made my first homemade baby food for Emily will the Baby Bullet.

My mom got me this for Christmas this last year. The system has a steamer and a blender and recipes for making homemade baby food. With all of the parts, it seemed like a lot of work but it was actually super easy. I had already decided to use it for the first time when I went grocery shopping and, since I know Emily likes sweet potatoes, I bought one (these suckers are HUGE) so I could use the Bullet. Which was much easier than I anticipated.

To make my sweet potato, I just had to peel it and chop it up and leave it in the steamer for 13 minutes. Now, I missed a part so I actually made a big mess with water that I had to clean but it still worked :) Then, you put it all in this blender for, like, 30 seconds, and it's done. This one potato made enough servings for over 2 weeks for her. Let's break down that savings:

Gerber First Foods
$0.98 for 2-pack of baby food. 1 pack = 2-3 meals. 2 weeks = 6-8 packs. 6-8 packs = $3-$4 for two weeks = $78-$104 a year for one serving of sweet potatoes.

Homemade Sweet Potatoes
$0.88 for a sweet potato = 2.5 weeks of servings = $19 a year.

Oh yeah. Saving big :)

The plus? Very easy cleanup. I'm very grateful that my mom bought it for us. It's going to save me tons :) And it's a ton of fun!

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