Friday, June 8, 2012

Emily's second cold

Emily is wrapping up her second cold. This one is going by a lot faster than the first (praise GOD!) but she was still miserable at the beginning.

I've learned an easy way to show she's not feeling well - not sleeping through the night. She started to seem sniffly on Monday and by Tuesday night, she coughed through most of the night but she didn't wake herself except once. On Wednesday night, she woke up at two in the morning so I got up and calmed her down and let her put herself back to sleep. Eric was awesome and got up with her at four in the morning and then I took her to our bed at five in the morning but she was wide awake. She finally got rest yesterday (slept a total of close to 6 hours during the day) and finally slept through the night last night.

She has been a little interesting during this cold, though. On Wednesday, we heard her sleep "talking" and giggling and saw her sleep-wiggling :) We heard her making weird noises on the monitor and when we checked on her, she was sound asleep and making the most gleeful noises. Later on, Eric decided to carry her on his shoulders and when he brought her back down in front of him, I noticed she had poop on her clothes. This resulted in Eric's turn changing her diaper and being asked several times, "Are you sure there's no poop on my neck?"

Luckily, though, she's almost better.

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