Tuesday, June 26, 2012

6-Month Well Baby

The visit took a while to get to. Emily's appointment was at 10:15am so we arrived about 20 minutes early (since we have gotten in and out sooner before when we did that). We didn't get called back until 10:30am and I believe it was after 11am when we were finally seen.

Everything went smooth after that, though. Dr. Smith came in and did his exam. He tried to coax a smile out of Emily, teasing her about her "serious face" but the girl meant business! He went over her height (27 inches, 90th percentile) and weight (18lbs, 3oz, 90th percentile) and said she is perfectly proportional.

We discussed eating solids and I told him that she's already having solids (single-grain cereal and a veggie) for two meals a day and he wants me to go ahead and add one to breakfast time. He said to go ahead with the stage 1 and 2 foods and then I can add chicken and proteins in about a month or two, but its gonna need to be blended a bit. He said that, whatever I'm doing, keep doing it because she's growing and developing perfectly.

He told me she's perfect. But I already knew that.

All of my mom friends know, that phrase is music to our ears. Right, ladies?

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