Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Latest OB Appt

I had a doctor's appointment today. We're doing weekly appointments now.

I gained 2 more pounds. I think that puts my total at 23 or 24 all together. Blood pressure was a tiny bit high, but I know that's because of stress. I talked to the Medical Assistant about the stress I'm having about leaving my job and it was good to have an unbiased ear to listen. I saw the doctor and he says I'm measuring exact and I look like I'm dropping like I'm supposed to. Next week, he's going to measure to see how far I'm dilated.

He told me something really perfect today. He told me not to listen to what my friends say or to anyone's horror stories because I've been doing great. He said to keep doing what I'm doing because my body will tell me what I need, not my friends. I asked about eating light the week before I'm due - he said that I shouldn't worry and not to change what I'm doing.

I see them again next Wednesday. I think I shall get a pedicure that day. A professional one! I think I deserve some pampering before Emily gets here!

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