Sunday, April 29, 2012


I have re-discovered my love of books.

I know I normally prefer movies because I can multi-task during them, but I've realized that I ONLY multitask when I'm watching television. If the TV is on, I'm almost always folding laundry or washing dishes or feeding Emily or playing with Emily or pumping or tidying the living room (or bedroom, depending where I'm watching). For this reason, watching movies is not really a relaxing experience for me. A movie used to mean, "Yes, time for popcorn and lounging on the couch." Now, a movie means, "Good, now I can get all that laundry done."

I received Bossypants by Tina Fey from Eric for my birthday and I have been reading it every night as I go to bed. I finished it a few nights ago but I realized that I felt so relaxed while I read and I know why - I can't do anything else while I read. And I don't relax by doing nothing; it's by doing no more than one thing.

That being said, I need more books.

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