Thursday, April 26, 2012

Trying new things

Emily's well-baby checkup went well. Here's the changes:

Last Well-Baby:
Weight: 11lbs 10oz
Length: 23.5 inches

This Well-Baby
Weight: 14lbs 7oz
Length: 25 inches

My little girl is certainly getting big! My mom came over after Emily's doctor's appointment and we were supposed to work on some things, but we ended up just hanging out and having lunch while Emily slept off her shots. It was nice to have her over since I haven't gotten to have her over in a while.

Emily hasn't turned over yet so Dr. Smith told me I need to increase her time on her stomach. I decided the easiest time is right after her nap. When I went to get her from her first nap yesterday, I put her on her Sesame Street blanket on the floor so I could change her sheets. As I watched her, I wish I had my camera because the girl completed almost an entire circle as she kept trying to push over. I think she just needs to figure out her arms so I'm not concerned - she will end up turning over one way or another.

Yesterday, we also tried her first rice cereal. It went pretty well!

Overall, yesterday was a fun day with her. I have such an amazing girl. This morning, she decided we needed to be early risers so she was ready to get out of her crib at 5:45am. I think she was actually up by 5:30am, maybe earlier. I'm hoping to catch a nap on her second one today. Or maybe Eric can watch her while she's up and I can go lay down for an hour.

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