Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Today's appointment and concerns

I had my doctor's appointment today and everything is good with Emily :) By the way, that's her name for now until Eric steals it away ;)

Heart rate for her: 140 bpm
My blood pressure: 120/70
Weight gain since my last appointment: 4lbs
Total weight gain: -1lb

My doctor said that I should start gaining a pound a week from now until the end which might be harder said than done. I have really been struggling with how much weight is okay for me and what's permissable for me because of my starting weight. I've always had the mentality that eating healthy results in becoming thinner. I guess if I just focus on getting the nutrients I need, then it doesn't matter how much the scale says. It's just hard for me to feel that it's okay to gain weight because I don't know how much is her and how much is me. Maybe it's good that I'll be careful since it'll keep me from over-doing it. I know that the last few weeks haven't been the best (and I was a little worried that I'd gained 4 pounds) but I just need to be good and eat right - less heavy meals, more protein and vegetables.

Also, I told my doctor about a difficult Monday moment - I went to Ross so I could get Melanie's birthday gift and I was waiting in check out. I started shifting my weight back and forth because I was waiting a while and all of a sudden, I felt dizzy and nauseous and broke out in a cold sweat. I even left my stuff at the counter because I was afraid that I was about to throw up. I hurried to the bathroom - no throwing up. I had a sip of water. I told him that it had been breakfast time since I'd eaten (7:30am) and by the time this happened, it was around one. He told me to make sure I have a snack on me just in case.

Other than those two things, he said everything is normal. Next appointment is in 4 weeks and nothing to get done between the dates.

I asked when my belly will start stretching so Eric and my faithful readers (thanks!) can feel the baby move. He said it should be starting to happen by week 24 (I'm 21 weeks) and I'll start getting bigger soon.

Also, the medical assistant couldn't find the heart beat for her at first but Dr. Van Oosten finally did. He said that to get a a good response from the Doppler, it sometimes has to be right on the baby. Luckily, my little hider is good. :)

Today is good.

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