Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I was going to have a doctor's appointment tomorrow but, because of my changing insurance situation, they said I can wait until Eric's new work insurance kicks in which won't be until October 1st. They said they don't bill out after the initial copay once I've been seeing them for my pregnancy. So I won't even GET a bill from them until after I'm postpartum. That's okay with me; I didn't want to give them money right now anyway. They said we can do a payment plan if I need to at that point. So basically, I won't have any doctor bills until the New Year.

Also, my poor pregnancy hormones (which is really just my justification to throw a tantrum every once in a while and to cry a LOT during any emotional moment in a movie) are going to go nuts now because Eric is leaving for ANOTHER set of training after his current one. The good thing is, he won't miss any OB appointments now! :)

I need to have funnier blogs. I had a couple of hilarious ones last month. I'm slacking!

Possible next entry topics:
- The horrors that I've learned about post-delivery
- New fads for child rearing
- Old traditions for children
- What I didn't expect during pregnancy
- Worries

I'm accepting interesting topic ideas!

Also, because I've been having requests, I decided to post a "progression" picture of my belly.

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