Monday, August 29, 2011

There's a first time for everything

Emily's been getting a lot more active lately. I told one of my friends that when she's rolling around, it feels like the rumble of a bowling ball. I just finished week 25 of my pregnancy so I was really hoping that Eric would feel her move before he left.

(Just a heads up - my husband found a new job and he's on his second and last round of training for 10 days. He's just come back for 4 and left this morning.)

Last night, we were laying in bed before going to sleep and I felt her rumbling around in there. And luckily, she really wanted her daddy to feel her in there before he went back to training for ten more days and kicked a little "thump" right on his hand. :) It made me really happy to have Eric be the first one to share that. Hopefully, she'll be kicking up a storm by the time he comes home for good...

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