Monday, August 8, 2011

Key to my ultrasound report and a change...

I know I gave you guys the whole "She's a Girl!" blog already but I got the report and I wanted you to know my findings :)

So, in case you ever wanted to know WAY too much about Emily and I, here it is:

Fetal lie: the relationship of the long axis of the fetus to the long axis of the mother, which basically is the fancy way of saying the baby's position in your body. My report says that she is "vertex," which means she's in the fetal position.

Placenta: Posterior, no previa - This means that the placenta is towards the back of my uterus and the placenta is attached to the baby correctly.

Placental grade: 0. It's just the rate that the placenta is maturity. Once it's closer to the due date, it should be a grade 3. It measures the calcifications in the placenta.

BPD, 48mm - BPD is the BiParietal Diameter, which is the diameter between the two sides of the head. Right now, that diameter comes out to almost 5 cm (or almost 2 inches), or a little smaller than the width of a full roll of Scotch tape. lol

FHR per minute 139 - her heart rate.

Fetal weight 360 g - she's a little more than 12 oz.

The rest is just bone measurements.

But if you've read this far, you should know... the ultrasound is saying she measures another 2 days older. So, according to the ultrasound, she's now due on 12/9/11. 

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