Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving, Ebay, and New Jobs!

Well, we have made it almost a year. This month is busy!

First of all, Emily is practically running now. I am so proud. She's eating all of her snacks on her own and I am working on getting her to eat some of her lunch on her own. She is eating at least half adult food now.

We had a great Thanksgiving. All three of us went to my parents house and my sisters got to see her walking around in person for the first time. She had Thanksgiving dinner (more like lunch) with us and she ate pretty well. She is really getting the hang of regular food. We did our "i'm thankful's" and any time she was what someone was thankful for, she leaned her head to the side and smiled. She sure is loved!

This month, I started selling stuff on eBay and, yesterday, I made my fourth sale! With Christmas and Emily's birthday coming up, I can't wait to shop! Hoping to be able to spend a little extra on Eric for Christmas.

Speaking of Eric, a lot of you know this but he got a new job at Aaron's as a manager in training. He is excited and starts on Monday. Luckily, we are planning to use our tax return to move to town so we will be back in Sierra Vista in a few months!

Overall, life is good. Can't believe Emily is turning one in less than 3 weeks!

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