Friday, December 21, 2012

Freedom (written 12/13/12)

Emily is almost free from food restrictions! I love being able to give her new foods that aren't mashed or baby food. Since the month began, we have let her have potato soup, corn, hamburger helper, tilapia, chicken cordon bleu (minus the ham), grilled cheese, french toast (with and without egg) and we haven't had any belly issues or allergic reactions. I am waiting to start eliminating formula until after her Well Baby checkup.

I had some FREE AND ALONE time out of my house yesterday. Had lunch with my mom and two doctor's appointments but the point is, I went alone. Eric stayed with Emily and he said they made a fort. He still has a problem getting her down for a nap but I will be solving that soon.

Emily goes to bed for the night on her own without rocking or a bottle in her crib. All I have to do is give her the cupcake blanket and a pacifier and she will lay in her crib and go to sleep with her Billy Joel music-only CD. For her naps, I have still been holding her to get her to sleep. I realize that I should've started her naps as soon as she was good with her regular bedtime but I wasn't ready for that freedom. I am waiting until after the holidays since there is no way I can be consistent right now (since we will be out and about) but my goal is to have her napping without me holding her to fall asleep by the end of January.

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