Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Eric and I are in need of "married" time.

Lately, Eric has been stuck at work all the time and our schedules are totally opposite. Eric has been at work from 5 or 6 at night until 7 or 8 in the morning. When he gets home that late, he has to go right to sleep or he won't be able to do it again the next night. I can probably count on my hand the number of days he's had off. I think his last day off was a week ago and his next day off won't be until Monday, when he gets off work at 6am (or later). That basically means that he still needs sleep so I probably won't be able to hang out with him until nighttime.

Let me clear something up - I'm not saying that Eric should stop sleeping. I've seen a sleepless Eric and he is not a happy dude. I just wish his work wouldn't abuse him so much. I'd like a day when I actually see Eric longer than the time it takes for him to get ready for work but it seems that his boss doesn't see it like that.

I really want us to go on a date. Our last date (which was our first since before Emily was born) was about 6 weeks ago. I know that, when he finally has a day off, he's probably going to want to relax, which is fine. I just need "us" time too. He had a few hours the other day that we were able to cuddle up on the couch together for a little bit and eat lunch while Emily was asleep but we were both so exhausted, that's pretty much the most energy we had. I'm pretty sure we fell asleep for a little bit.

In short, we've gotta figure out a way to make this work so we both get family time, married time, and "me" time. Unfortunately, it seems that "time" is in short supply at our house.

I wish we could just win the lottery so Eric didn't have to work and we could have that time together.

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