Monday, May 28, 2012


First, I have to share good news - Emiy has been going to sleep on her own for 13 straight days! She hasn't cried once (thank God!). My mom says I'm spoiled and that's fine with me - I was nervous it would be tougher.

The bad news? For the past few days, she's been up before 5am :( Luckily, this morning, I got her back to sleep until 6am.

Still, small price to pay for an easy night, right?

She's working on turning from front to back but she is nailing back to front! Also, she's improving on sitting up but she can't quite do it unsupported. She's met every other milestone though and I'm thrilled with that. She's tried sweet potatoes (her favorite), peas (not her favorite) and a taste or two of green beans. She's so willing to try everything - I have to keep my own food away from her! She was even eyeballing my English muffin this morning and that is no bueno for Mommy :) And every time I have my water bottle, she keeps trying to drink through the side. I don't know if she's teething but I check every feeding and nothing yet.

Overall, Emily is great.

As for Mommy and Daddy? I think we need a date soon.

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