Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New job, Emily's progress, and dieting! Oh my!

A lot has happened in the last few weeks so I guess I better update you!

First of all, Eric and I celebrated our fourth anniversary last week on Thursday. We had a roasted chicken for dinner and all three of us had dinner together at the table.

GOOD NEWS ALERT! Eric has a job as a manager trainee or shift lead or something at McDonald's. He's glad he's bringing home income but he is still seeking a better job. He admitted it felt good to work ONLY 8 hours at a shift. Instead of 15 hours. AND he got off on time AND he's able to go to youth on Wednesday and Fry Bread (our church's booth at Art in the Park this weekend). So, in spite of this not being what he planned, they are being really nice about giving him the time that he asked for church.

Emily has 3 teeth showing (two bottom, one top) and I think she has another top tooth coming in. She's crawling great, pulling herself up, and I think she'll take her first steps soon. She's saying "dada," "mom-momma," "wow," "baba," and now, "way." I think that one comes from us saying "no way" when she shakes her head at us. I started putting her to sleep on her own almost two weeks ago. The first two nights were really rough. Then, I added some structure and she's been improving since. I'm trying to take in all the advice that I'm getting and using what makes sense to me. She was really tired so she fell asleep before I put her in her bed last night but the night before, she cried less than 30 seconds before going to sleep. The crying has been the hardest part so I was a little happy that she fell asleep on the way to her room last night. She hasn't been up past 9:30pm and hasn't been awake before 6:30am for the day since she started going to bed on time. Even better, she hasn't woken in the middle of the night in weeks!

I'm not sure if it's actually helped in the nursery since she's going through an "only Mommy" phase, but she only cried the first five minutes and the last five minutes this past Wednesday and only a little bit on Sunday morning. Which apparently stopped when Lisa cuddled her. lol

Emily had her 9-month check-up. She weighs 21 lbs and 1oz, and she's 29 inches long now. That puts her in the 81th percentile for her weight and 86th percentile for height. She's healthy and we got the OK for allowing her to eat any dairy except regular milk. So, she's tried string cheese, shredded cheddar cheese, and vanilla yogur. She also had mashed potatoes with a little bit of sour cream in it and LOVED it.

As for me? Yesterday, I started the Abs diet. I think the hardest thing for me will be avoiding popcorn at nighttime - it's my only real weakness when it comes to eating healthy. I didn't give in last night, though, and that was my first triumph. This program is 6 weeks (initially) and working out is optional the first two weeks. I really want to prove to myself that I have enough discipline to stick with this all 6 weeks. The program allows you to cheat on the diet for one meal or snack a week so I think that's going to make it easier. Plus, it's not as restrictive as most other diets. Mainly, it's just eating healthy.

I didn't weigh-in before beginning since I don't have a working scale, but I'm going to be bold and post my starting points...

Size: 22
Measurements: 45-41-55

I'm hoping I'll be down at least one size by the end of six weeks. If I succeed, I'm going to try to keep this diet through the holidays and just make my cheat meals on the actual holiday. That being said, I probably won't get past my birthday (December 18th) because Emily's birthday (December 20th) is right after and then, Christmas.

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