Monday, October 8, 2012

Seasons Change

First of all, if you are still reading my blog after all of this time, thank you. I'm not sure who does (other than my mom).

This last week has been great. :) I started my diet on Monday last week and my 1-week measurements say I lost an inch and a half at my waist and hips! Its probably mostly water weight but it is NOT welcome to return. I enjoyed my treat on Wednesday night (popcorn and a mini-soda) and it was so easy to stick with it. Whenever I crave something on a non-treat night, I'm going to remind myself of those inches.

Also, Emily is tear-free at bedtime all week now! She has woken a few times after I've put her to bed but I think she's cutting another tooth. We had a visit from my parents on Saturday and she was out like a light by 8:55pm and slept past 7:00am. We almost didn't make it out for church. Today, she said "buh-bye" and "you" for the first time. She also learned to clap yesterday.

Best news - Eric was just offered a department manager job at Wal-Mart in Sierra Vista. He said we are a couple months away from moving because we need to take care of other things first (but I'm thinking it will happen after the holidays). We are still looking for a better job and PRAYING he gets an interview with the civil service job he applied to but this is a good step forward while we wait.

As for today? Today, I am proud that I made it a week on my diet, happy that my husband is employed at a better job, and excited that my little girl is making such progress.

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