Sunday, July 29, 2012

On Call

I think the phrase "on call" accurately describes being a parent. I've realized this much more lately.

Emily had a fever, off and on, for two days last week. For two nights, she barely slept. One of the nights, I think there was a 4-hour span that I just kept getting her back to sleep, putting her in her crib, going back to my room, and laying in my bed while I waited for her to get up again. I only know I slept because I had a dream. The second night, I caved and just brought her in our room. She finished the night with only an hour in her crib, the rest on or next to me.

Today, I think she has a cold. She is asleep now and the humidifier is in her room because she's been coughing a little this afternoon. On the upside, I haven't needed the nose sucker thing because it runs every time she sneezes.

Wait, I got off track.

Babies don't care if you think its break time. They can't help it - they are helpless in many ways (even if they are independant in others).

I was reflecting a bit on my relationship with God today and have been thinking about him as I text out this blog. He has plenty on His plate already, I bet. But whenever I need Him, he comes. I need to realize that even though I'm also independant in many ways, I still need Him.

I'm glad to be on-call with Emily and I think I understand an inkling of why God probably is too: When she's sick or lonely or just needs me, she holds me so tight like she will never let go. And even when she does, I know she will end up needing me again. Isn't that the best overtime you can think of?

Emily, I promise to always be on-call. Whether you are 3 or 63.

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