Monday, January 2, 2012

A long night and a sweet morning!

Emily just did NOT want to sleep last night. The girl stayed up until 2:00am! She wasn't wet or hungry or anything so I think she just needed some Mommy time. Luckily, she then let me sleep until 7:30am so we're okay now. How can I not forgive this face?

My angel.

She's so precious. She's sleeping at the moment so we can go into town for my mom's birthday so she is presently wearing a one-sie that says "Grandma's Love Bug." Also, I'm letting my husband get some shut-eye too.

That reminds me...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM! I hope to be even half as good as a mom as you are - I love you!

Back to the blog :)

This morning, he got home from work about half an hour before Emily got up so, after I fed her, he took her so I could get a small break. I got a shower, put on makeup, and even had time to blow-dry my hair. I'm feeling fabulous today now :)

Fresh-faced Krystle

Continuing on, he finally got her to take her morning nap so what does he do? Makes me breakfast! (This is a bigger deal than just a husband making food for his wife because, most of the time, he only cooks for me if his friend Keith is over or if it's something that just needs to be heated or thrown in the oven.) Not only did he make breakfast but it wasn't cereal - he make scrambled eggs! I'm thoroughly proud on all levels right now. :)

No good deed goes unrewarded in this house.

Either way, it's unfortunately time to wake my husband so we can get this family circus into town. I finally ordered prints for a REAL picture album and I can't wait to see how they turned out.

With that, I'll leave you with another adorable picture of my Emily princess.

Bye guys!

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