Friday, October 18, 2013

Krystle is a Procrastinator!

You know the only thing I dislike about my blog? Catch-up blogs.

Its my fault for being a procrastinator. Right now, I want to tell you all about Emily's first vacation we just took, about her switch to a toddler bed and the changes that came with it, about new things she's learned, about our anniversary, about my friends... but I don't want a whole blog on that. I mean, unless you're my mom reading this or maybe one or two others that actually read these, you don't want to read that novel either unless its very hilarious or deep. So I'll just separate them.

Right now? My husband is snoring on the couch after falling asleep during How I Met Your Mother. Emily came out of her room twice in 5 minutes so she could hold me. And I've been browsing cookbooks for my next challenge. Its a normal Thursday night. But those blogs may be delayed, for I think she's getting up again. Good night!

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