Sunday, February 3, 2013


It is not easy to live frugally, even if you need to.

We have been looking at our budget and there is a strain to be able to make ends meet if we want to move back to town. Our options are limited, but it's coming down to either making serious cuts or I need to get a job. Let's put it this way - I definitely want to stay a stay at home mom.

To make the move, we will need a substantial tax return. We need to pay off some bills, have enough for deposit. But even then, we need a budget we can live on. Some things are unflexible, like a rent payment or our car insurance. Other things, like our gas and grocery budget, is changeable. Want to know what I just put in our search box?

"$100 monthly grocery budget."

If I can cut it down to that, I won't have to work. If I can cut it down to that and stick with it, I won't have to work AND we can save money AND we can live in a nice apartment. But is that even possible? I know my couponing queens would give it a shot. I have to ask myself what the top 3 priorities are and they are:

1. Great relationship with God (need to keep tithing)
2. Great relationship with Eric (need to stop fighting)
3. Raise Emily the way we have chosen (affordably and to my standards)

So, how do I tighten the purse strings?

Check out for some ideas on living frugally!


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