Sunday, November 4, 2012

Speedy Emily

The last few weeks have brought a new and exciting talent: Walking. Emily took her first steps on my sister Susan's birthday on October 14th.

Let's review that. My daughter took her first steps SIX DAYS before she turned 10 months. I was not expecting this. Her highest distance/steps has been about 3 feet with 10 steps. In the last few days, she's been really determined. She's still doing short distances but I think she'll be really walking by Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately, this talent has come with many dangers. She's using her skills to walk cabinets, doors, and (yikes) r

----- BREAK -----

I started writing this blog entry two days ago. I stopped because, while I was blogging, my daughter speedily crawled away. I stood up to walk after her and she went behind the couch to stand at the window. Seconds later, she begins crying so I go to get her. As soon as I pick her up, blood starts running from her mouth.

Like I said, this talent comes with dangers.

She hit the back of her mouth with something - I think it was a wooden spoon because Eric and I let her drum on pots and pans with spoons and we must've forgotten one on the floor. Because of this injury, I called the pediatrician's office. She would barely eat or drink and the nurse said that the sucking motion will iritate her wound. Basically, she told us to push fluids so she doesn't dehydrate. She said it should be better by the next morning (which is was) because mouth injuries heal pretty quickly (which my mom and Alexis told me).

She was better by the next day and began her morning with 17 STEPS (click the link to see!). My little girl is becoming a walker. I'm not sure I'm ready for this.


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